Nakatomi Regulars, Tim Doyle, Jon Smith, Nick Derington, and a murderer’s row of other MANLY MEN participated in SpokeArt’s testosterone-fueled tribute to the 80’s MEN OF ACTION!

Above is pictured “Hasta La Vista, BROTHER”- an 18×24 giclee by Jon Smith! Available now HERE.

“Murphy Delivers the LAW” is by Tim Doyle and measures 18×24, features metallic ink and is signed and numbered in an edition of 150, AVAILABLE HERE!

This is “It’s Always Sunny on Mars” also, by Tim Doyle- measures 16×20 and features a split fountain and silver metallic ink! Signed and numbered in an edition of 80. (Please note, this does NOT have the text at the bottom!) Available now- HERE.

“Somebody Wake Hicks” by Nick Derington is 18×24, and is numbered in an edition of 86. (’cause the film came out in 1986, dig?) and is available HERE.

There’s plenty more to see on the site, so finish off that rail, put on your headband and tank tops, and head on down to check it out!  All the prints are in hand at the gallery, and ready to ship WORLDWIDE!

-alex fugazi

Man among Men.