It’s been far, far too long since we’ve had a Russ Moore print on the site! Russ’ last print in this series- “The Hero’s Triumph” sold out with the quickness, and we expect this one to do PRETTY GOOD as well!

“The Hunter of Zebes” is Russ’ tribute to the SNES classic!  This LUSH 7 color print features Florescent Green ink, Silver Metallic clouds in the sky, and it GLOWS IN THE DARK!  Russ really pulled out all the printing tricks with this one.  He was so psyched by the printing job on this he snapped these photos below- check it out!

Shimmery-Silver Clouds!

This print is signed and numbered by Russ in an edition of only 100, and measures 18×24. Print is IN HAND and ready for immediate shipment.  “The Hunter of Zebes” will be available on Nakatomi in the Art Prints section of the store TUESDAY 6/5 (today) sometime AROUND 2pm CST HERE.  We will tweet about it as soon as it’s available, you can follow us on Twitter HERE.

Thank you!

-alex fugazi