Clint Wilson has a couple of new prints for recent concert gigs!  This beautiful RADIOHEAD poster for the show at the Toyota center earlier this month in Houston is pictured above!

Measuring 18×24 and featuring metallic inks, this print was hand-printed by Clint in a tiny edition of 100, and only has 10 available for sale!  Signed and numbered by Clint.


This print for STARFUCKER was for their show back on Jan 14th (my birthday!) and measures 18×24, and was printed in an edition of 50, and again- Nakatomi only has 10 for sale!

This same image is in the slightly more family friendly ARTPRINT version w/out the band info on it, also available now.

Like almost ALL of the Nakatomi releases, we try not to list something on sale unless it’s IN HAND and ready for immediate shipment. No waiting for a print-shop to catch up with your weeks-old order- we have our own dang print-shop! Pretty neat, huh? And in the case of Clint- he’s printing his OWN work!

You can pick these all up right now at the TOP of the CLINT WILSON section of the Nakatomi store HERE.

– alex fugazi