This is Sean Robb. Sean works for Nakatomi. He’s fairly tall. Sean is shown for scale.

STARTING TOMORROW, at the Austin Convention Center, at the Flatstock Poster Convention, at the Nakatomi Inc booth, Nakatomi will be selling this special edition of an OVERSIZED printing of the long-sold out THE WHITE DRAGON.

This print is signed and numbered in a limited edition of 50, and will retail for $100 each.  We only packed 15 for the first day of Flatstock, and if it sells out, we will run to the shop (As we’re located in Austin) and grab more, but it might not happen until the next day. So if you want one…you should get to Flatstock EARLY.  (It opens at 2pm tomorrow, Wednesday, so not too hard to get there).  No need to bring cash- we do accept credit cards at our booth via SQUARE.

We will not have tubes, but they will be for sale at the API booth at the convention.  We will have bags available.

If the edition of 50 sells out at the convention- we will not have any hit the web, so if you know someone in Austin, tell them how much you love them, and make them come get it.

Why print this oversized edition?  WELL- us and a printing friend of ours, Satch Grimley, got new presses and we wanted to try ’em out! How big is this? It’s 40×21. That’s as big as we could possibly make it. That’s the tallest parent sheet of paper we could get.  Truth. 

Thank you all.


-alex fugazi