Here at Nakatomi, we get emails pretty regularly asking us if we allow local in-store pick up.  Well- the problem is we have NO STORE!  We run out of a front room and garage in Tim Doyle’s house.  (For now at least, big announcement on that soon.) 

But what we do have is a few retail outlets that carry our prints, (along with some long sold-out prints) here in Austin and abroad!  A lot of these places we stock up, and they sell inventory slightly slower than our own site, so they’ll have prints long after we’re sold out at times!  Make sure you call ’em before you head out!

Here’s a quick list- if we forget someone, please email us and we’ll add you in!

In Austin

Parts and Labour/ Shark Attack– 1117 S. Congress. Website- 

Not only does Parts and Labour carry a TON of prints and stickers and comics by Doyle, but also a large selection of prints by Clint Wilson, Jacob Borshard, and several other local artists as well! 

Austin Books and Comics– 5002 N. Lamar. Website-

They have a small rack of prints by the back issues full of Tim Doyle prints, along with a regularly-rotating nerd-art gallery in the back!  Also- they have a small selection of the Hot ‘N Nerdy film festival prints that they commissioned and we sold out of months back!

Blue Genie OASIS– (Pictured Above) 6550 Comanche Trail Ste 203, Austin, TX 78732.  Website-

By far the biggest display and selection of Nakatomi prints here in Austin, but also in the most beautiful location! The Oasis is a crazy-restaurant/shopping area in Northwest Austin, overlooking a beautiful cliff and lakeview with stunning sunsets!  Head out there, chow down, and pick up some prints!  These are the same guys who put on the crazy annual X-mas Bazaar we participate in!

Poster Cabaret– 900 E. 6th Street, Suite #103.  Website-

Poster Cabaret’s Austin location is a staggering array of prints and original art that has to be seen to be believed!  I have never seen that much art in one location, even including a FLATSTOCK convention!  I don’t think they’re open all week, but shoot them an email or swing on by if you’re downtown during the day! They have a large selection of Doyle prints that can also be found on their excellent website- merely a drop in their giant collection!

In Houston-

Space Montrose– 2608 Dunlavy St, Houston TX. 77006   Website-

This newish shop in Houston reached out to us, and it’s been a great relationship so far!  While we’ve yet to actually visit, they sure do seem to sell a lot of our stuff, so swing out and tell ’em we said ‘Hi!’

Outside the US-

Paris, France- French Paper Art Club– 14, rue Deguerry 75011 Paris, France  Website-

This gallery carries a good selection of movie prints and 12×24 art prints by Tim Doyle! 

London, England-Flood Gallery– 8 Greenwich Market London SE10 9HZ.  Website-

This rocking new gallery has a fine selection of movie prints and 12×24 art prints by Doyle!  Can’t wait to work with these guys some more.

Japan– SOON!  A new gallery is opening up in Japan this Spring and they currently have a large collection of Tim Doyle and Clint Wilson prints ready to roll!  We’ll keep you updated.


This is just the galleries and shops that have brick and mortar stores, there’s also a long list of webstores that carry our prints as well- we’ll list them in a post soon!  Most of these shops also do have a website you can shop at as well. We highly suggest before you make the trek to any of these places you give them a buzz before you head on over to check inventory! 


Have a brick and mortar store?  Shoot us an email through the contact form and we’ll get back to you with info regarding wholesale pricing.