Hello Everyone-

AS you may have guessed by now, the Mystery Tubes are completely sold out. Thank you all for the overwhelming response.

Now- a couple of things-

1- Special Requests

I got a TON of requests and Emails from people asking for the Stout prints. Odds are- you’re not going to get it.

Out of all the orders, about 90% of you put a request in asking for these. Obviously, it’s going to be impossible to take these requests, and unfortunately some people are going to be upset that they don’t get one. To keep this truly random, we’re going to randomly pick out orders and they’re the one’s that get these.  If you get one, AND you also had put a request in for one- that doesn’t mean we’re listening to your request- it’s truly luck of the draw.  If you did request one, and do not get it- same deal- it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you completely with my ‘swimsuit area’ it just means that God hates you. You’ll have to take it up with him.

2- I also got a lot of impassioned please for the Vonnegut Original Line Art drawing pictured in the blog post for these tubes.

Just to let you guys know- that’s not the actual drawing that was used to make the “Got to be Kind” print.  I did a drawing, and thought it was too complicated, and did that second drawing that is pictured in the mystery tube ad.  Then I decided I liked the FIRST drawing more, and that was used to make the print.  So if you get it, you’re super lucky, but if you don’t- don’t feel too bad, I still have that original art.  That particular original art will be for sale at my gallery show next year.  Look for it then.

3- Shipping is going to take a while.

We’ve got Fun Fun Fun Fest to set up for this weekend, and that’s all we’re doing over the next few days. THEN- we’ve got to print the exclusive print by me that’s getting inserted into these tubes. And THEN we’ve got Wizard World Austin to have a booth at the following weekend. So, we’re about 2 weeks out from actually having these shipped.  I know we normally ship within 24-48 hours of an order being placed, but this is a really busy time.  I guess what I’m getting at is- be patient, and don’t email me asking ‘where’s my tube at?’ At least not until you get a shipping confirmation email from me…dig?  Considering SOME places can take a month or more to ship, we’re still pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  (And I do say it to myself every day, silently, like a prayer.)

4- Duplicates

I said so in the previous post, but I just want to reiterate for you guys- if you ordered more than ONE tube, I can’t guarantee you won’t get duplicates.  We’ll do what we can, but no promises. And for those of you who ordered 6-7 times, I hope you have people on your X-mas list that like art.  Obviously, if we’re inserting a special print made by me that’s going into each tube, you’re going to get multiples of that print.  Hopefully you guys REALLY enjoy Blade Runner. (There, I said it…kinda spoilery, but now you know you made the right choice, eh?)

5- You guys are complete lunatics.

Like really. This was awesome, and the response was insane. Thank you all.

-Tim Doyle