We haven’t had a Nakatomi-Wide Mystery Tube sale in about 6 months now, and man do we have some great stuff this time around.  I know we always promise that THIS one is the BEST ONE, but we just keep topping ourselves!

This time around, we have about 200 tubes, each with 5 random prints from either Nakatomi, artists we work with, or even from our personal collection!

And what comprises this season’s TUBE SALE???

The first 75 orders will include these crazy-ass one of a kind test sheets-

A test sheet is a bunch of random screens from a bunch of different prints all stacked up on each other!  Each one is unique, and steeped in awesomeness.  Some are really cool, some are really weird!

We’re throwing in over 20 pieces of original line art by Doyle that was used to make prints from-

There’s a lot more than what’s pictured here, obviously!

AND- we’ve got over 80 prints from our personal collection here, All from the Alamo Drafthouse, and ALL from 2008 and earlier.

There’s obviously a lot, LOT more than this going in there.  The condition on these vary a bit- a couple of them have some dings, a VERY small percentage have pinholes, nothing that won’t frame out. The majority are 100% totally fine.  Like we said, these are from 2008 and earlier, so these are pretty dang rare at this point!  We were slowly eBaying off this collection last year, but got too busy to keep up with it. So instead of just wanting to get these out, we’re just going to throw these into the mix and hopefully make some people very, very happy! (And others very, very jealous!)  There really is some crazyness in here- above pictured is a test print for a Stout Gigposter that got shipped to us from D&L w/ another order years ago as packing material, there’s a 1/7 “For a Few Dollars More” variant that’s NEVER been on sale anywhere EVER from what I can tell…some prints not even in the fabled EB database. Great stuff.

And, one lucky customer will be getting THIS-

Solid freaking metal, man.  Solid.

There is even a VERY SECRET Tim Doyle art print that cannot be pictured here, but will be put into EVERY tube ordered. This print will NEVER be for sale anywhere. we are like, DEAD SERIOUS about that.

On top of that, you’ll get perfectly fine prints, and maybe a scratch/dent (like, LIGHTLY scratch/dent) thrown in bringing to total to 5 PRINTS for just 50 BUCKS!

Prints from artists we’ve worked with like-

Rhys Cooper

Jon Smith

Clint Wilson

Josh Budich

And many, many more!


-You are free to make requests in the ‘special instructions’ field when you check out. We can’t promise that you’ll get those requests honored, but it never hurts. I can say that any requests for the Stout prints above will probably not work, so don’t get your hopes up!

-You can order as many tubes as you’d like.  If you order more than 1 though, we might not be able to avoid giving you duplicates.  We will do our best, though.

-You can only order one tube PER order. That means if you want 2, you’d have to go through the system and place a new order. Because we only charge shipping once per order, ($8.99 US, $14.99 Canada, $19.99 World) for posters, that’s what it costs us to ship to you. If you ordered 10 tubes and only paid $8.99 shipping, we’d get hosed. So order as many times as you like, but only one tube per order. Hope that was clear.

-These won’t ship for at least a week- We’ve got a booth at Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend, and a comic convention next weekend, so we’re a little busy. We will ship these out as soon as we can. I know we normally ship orders w/in 24 hours, but that won’t be able to happen here. Especially w/ the sheer volume of orders we’re expecting.

I hope that was all clear- if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us through the contact form above.


-alex fugazi