The new Season of the Pop-Sub 7″ print club is here!  Volume ONE pictured above!

The Pop-Sub is an ongoing series of mini-prints, each set having at least three 7″ square prints, packaged in a custom printed 45 rpm record sleeve jacket!  Take a LOOK below at this month’s jacket-

The subscription will bring one little packet of awesome to your  door about once a month for the next 6 months- Volume One is available now, or included with the subscription.
And- is there a better X-mas gift than 6 months of awesome little art delivered to your door?  I THINK NOT!
Aye Jay (of curates this series, and the list of artists participating this year tops the already high bar he set last season- take a look at the artists who have already committed to participate!
John Baizley
Jacob Bannon
Geoff Darrow
Frank Kozik
J Otto Seinbold
Art Chantry
Mike Munter
And of course Aye Jay himself and Tim Doyle will throw in as needed!
You can purchase a subscription to all 6 sets in season two for $120 (or $20 a set) or pick and choose the individual sets as they come out. Individual sets will be priced anywhere from $30-$50. (Except this first one at just $20)
Volume ONE is available for sale individually NOW, and Volume TWO is already printed and in hand to ship out next month!  I’ve already seen the art for Volume THREE- and it’s going to be fantastic!
Please note- Volume 1 is in an edition of 100- each print is numbered out of 100 and each set is put together numerically. (meaning all 4 prints numbered 38 are together, and so on). That doesn’t mean that each future set will have 100 sets though- some may have much, much less.
Available for purchase HERE.
Go Get ‘Em!
-alex fugazi