Jacob Borshard’s last Tiki print was a huge hit, and he’s back with a brand-new colorway!  Printed in the much-easier-to-frame 16×24, this hand-printed poster is signed and numbered by Jacob in an edition of 100. 

Much more than simply a scribbling of imaginary deities, this print is in fact a meticulous catalogue of every single Tiki depicted in the famed 1946 Metropolitan Museum of Art book ‘Arts of the South Seas’ (also known as the ‘Tiki Bible’).  Jacob went from cover to cover and painstakingly reinterpreted every single image from in the book.  The results are presented here in (roughly) chronological order.  He did it because he is insane.  But the print is gorgeous!

You can pick it up in the Jacob Borshard section of the Nakatomi Store HERE.

-alex fugazi