Anville brings us this ULTRA LIMITED stainless steel version of his long sold-out DMC-12 print!

This 18×24 hand-printed image is on a sheet of Stainless Steel, the same metal used in the body of the original Delorean this image is based on!  Each print will be signed and numbered by hand-etching by the artist.

We are having a pre-sell for this print- because of the increased production costs of printing on metal, these will be made STRICTLY to order, and in an edition of NO MORE than 25 available from Nakatomi.

The sale option expires at Midnight CST on August 24th, or when all 25 copies are sold, whichever comes first.   

Prints will ship within 2-3 weeks from the initial offering.

Print is available for purchase HERE in the Nakatomi store.

-alex fugazi