You’ll only get the above image if you actually live here, and have for a while…


If you’re in Austin,

You can always pick up Nakatomi prints at Parts and Labour’s poster shop, SHARK ATTACK on South Congress.  Sometimes they end up with the VERY LAST copies of some of our prints, so if we don’t have it for sale on our site, give them a shout!  They do ship worldwide, even if they don’t have an active webstore.  Visit them HERE.

Tim Doyle also has a small selection of his prints up on permanent/ rotating display at Austin Books and Comics on North Lamar. You can check them out HERE.

There is also a mini Tim Doyle show up at Bird’s Barbershop on East 6th street.  Nothing you guys haven’t seen before if you’ve been on the site, but if you’re gonna get your haircut and want to see some awesome prints at the same time, Bird’s on 6th is the PLACE.  The art should be on display until Mid-June.


-alex fugazi (Locals, ONLY!)