Mystery Tube Sale!  AAAAAAHHHHHH!

Okay, we’ve had tube sales in the past.  And I know SOME people might be prone to hyperbole in ad copy.  So I will understate this-

These tubes will give you superpowers and allow you to gaze upon the face of God without fear. And that’s just to start. You will shoot lightning from your fingers and be able see through time. Abraham Lincoln will come back from the dead to high-five you, and let you wear his magical top hat.  You’ll be able to out-drink Dionysus, and all memory of the Star Wars prequels will evaporate like sweat from a fever dream.

For reals.

This is without a doubt, the craziest and BIGGEST tube sale we’ve ever had!

For a mere $50, you’ll receive 5 random prints from our archives, and some that have NEVER been on our site!

The first 75 orders will include crazy-ass one of a kind TEST SHEETS-

A test sheet is like 4 posters flying at your optic nerve at ONCE!  And each one is completely unique!

We’ve got SLIGHTLY dinged Quentin Tarantino prints by Doyle from last month’s Quentin V. Coen!

(we had a box take a hard bounce on it’s way to the gallery, and a few got some barely dented corners that won’t show in a frame)

We’ve got prints by Nakatomi regulars like Jon Smith, Rhys Cooper, and Jacob Borshard!

We’ve got copies of Doyle’s “2001 A Space Odyssey” regular and variant, as well as his “Apocalypse Now” print for the Astor Theatre.

We’re randomly inserting in Original art from Doyle-

AND- top spice it up (as if it wasn’t enough already), we’re throwing in 8 WOOD prints, including one of Tyler Stout’s totally rare ‘Nuclear Option’ print that was limited to only 15 world-wide!

Each one of these retailed for at least $100 on it’s own, and the Stout print was only available to Nakatomi Invitational subscribers over two years ago!  Crikey!

Still not crazy enough?  We’re also putting in 4(!) copies of Anville’s ‘Canyons of San Angeles’ STAINLESS STEEL print!


As always, SOME of these prints might be scratch/dent, but the vast majority are completely fine for framing, display, whatevs.  And they make excellent gifts- you can knock out 5 people off your X-mas list in one shot!  And, if you’ve ordered from the site before, we will check your order history to make sure you’re receiving posters that are ALL NEW to you!  With about 100 of these tubes up for grabs, you have PRETTY good odds of striking gold, and even if you don’t get one of the premium prints, you’re gonna get 5 great prints for just $50!  It’s a NO-LOSE situation, ese!

Pick one up NOW in the Nakatomi Store HERE.

-alex fugazi