In case you live under a rock, or somehow found a website in existence that didn’t cover this- Doyle’s set of Tarantino prints debuted at the ‘Bold Hype’ gallery in NYC on the 7th of April.

Spokeart is the organizer of the show, and the few remaining prints are available now to the non-NYC area public!  There’s already been a few sell-outs, and a couple of them are ALMOST gone completely.

Nakatomi will most likely NOT be having any of these on sale on-line in the future, as there’s an upcoming West Coast gallery showing on June 2nd in San Francisco that should JUST ABOUT knock all remaining prints out.  Doyle will be in attendance at that showing with hopefully a few NEW prints to show as well!

If you’re curious, you can read up on the giant article that Doyle wrote about the process on all 7 pieces HERE!

Get thee to and pick up some of Doyle’s prints before they’re all gone, right HERE.

-alex fugazi