Direct from Aye Jay himself-

“Tired of getting shut out on poster drop days!?! Aye Jay has got you covered! He utilized the services of a voodoo priest, making a sacred mash of the following: Shepard’s wheatpaste, a feather from Horkey’s helmeted bird, a hair from Emek’s soul patch, a Princess Di tenner from Banksy, and a bit of Tyler Stout’s incredible mojo… then blessed these sacred f5 shirts. Refresh early, refresh often! Use the voodoo spirit of the sacred f5 shirt and never miss out on a poster drop again!”

That’s right, this shirt will give you incredible internetz skillz to help you haxxxorz the world!*

We guarantee* you’ll never miss that uber in-demand drop ever again!

Printed with metallic gold ink, this super-soft ringspun cotton tee  is limited to just 100 copies worldwide in this initial colorway!

Totally RUSH over HERE in the t-shirt section to pick one of these beauties up!

-alex fugazi

*We are totally making this up.  OR ARE WE?!?!?