Jon Smith continues his store migration over to Nakatomi, and we’ve just put up a ton of new and rare prints up in the Jon Smith section of the Nakatomi store!

Pictured above is the awesome Cave Singers print by Jon, and what you might not realize is that it GLOWS LIKE CRAZY.  We also have a small number of this print on Wood as well!

One of the nice things about Jon sending all his prints down to Nakatomi is that by going through his flatfiles, he’s finding all kinds of rarities that haven’t been on sale yet, or were thought to be sold out, like this killer Spoon NYE poster from 2007! AND-

This totally rare Flaming Lips ‘Christmas on Mars’ print from the opening of the film back in ’08!  We only have one of these, and it’s the last one that’s ever going to be available from Jon!  And, we’ve also got brand-new releases-

What’s a Ke$ha?  I think this means that I’m old.  Still, awesome print regardless.  Jon has a pretty good write up about the backroom dealings that go into a gigposter, and this one in particular on his blog HERE.  I’m still not sure what a Ke$ha actually is…maybe someone could send me pictures?

All these and more are in the Jon Smith store on Nakatomi HERE, and we’ll be adding new ones all the time!

-alex fugazi.