Has it been a year already?

Nakatomi will have a double booth at this year’s STAPLE! Independent Media Expo (aka indie comic convention) This coming Saturday and Sunday here in Austin Tx.

We’re going to have all our prints, the new t-shirts, as well as some SUPER SPECIAL not-yet-released prints that will be available here first, and not on the Nakatomi site until at least early May.  If you live anywhere near Austin, and you like Nakatomi prints about movie-related stuff YOU ARE GOING TO WANT TO BE THERE.

The above video is made by the incomparable Yehudi Mercado, and if you look at :29 into the video, you’ll see the kid on the left holding a comic book that has Doyle’s American Werewolf ‘Stay off the Moors’ print as the cover!  Cool Beans!

Read up on the STAPLE event HERE and come on down this weekend!

-alex fugazi