Joshus Budich comes to Nakatomi!

Joshua came to us a while back wanting to do something different, something out of his usual style, and we were more than happy to oblige!  The result is this beautiful 9×26 5 color hand-printed silkscreened print, featuring metallic inks!

Yeah, that’s an actual pic of the beautiful print job the Nakatomi Print Labs were able to pull off!  We printed the Black w/ a slight gloss, really making this hand-drawn image pop!

“As you wish!”

Budich gave us unprecedented access to his process- take a look at the pics below!

Josh did a ton of doodles to start- this is just one of ’em-

And another-

Then, he started tightening up his pencils to get ready to ink-

And he finished up with this poster-

Which we totally decided to scrap and START ALL OVER AGAIN! Josh, instead of telling us to go jump in a lake, agreed to give it another shot.  What a TROOPER!

So, starting over, he shot these photo references, of what we’re guessing is himself!

Also, nice polo shirt!

So, he’s back on pencils again-

And then inks-

And then finally resulting in the image you see at the top of the page!

Joshua Budich is with out a doubt, one of the most pleasant artists we’ve ever dealt with here at Nakaomi, and really went the extra mile to deliver a fine print!

“I Am Not Left Handed” is in an edition of 100, and is available NOW in the art prints section of the Nakatomi store for just $20!

-alex fugazi