Hey! Cleaning up the Nakatomi Studio here, and I noticed, we sure do have a TON of original artwork just sitting around in a pile in the corner…

So, instead of us pulling a Steve Ditko and using ’em for blotter paper (seriously, he used the original artwork for his Spider-Man run as scrap paper…crazy balls) we’re giving the public their chance to lay hands on this stuff!

At the very least, the gallery we set up on our Flickr page is a neat little look behind the process of poster making.  Just about every poster that Tim Doyle has drawn by hand has the art now up for sale!  From Lost to Robocop- these are one of a kind hand-drawn artworks!

The sales will be handled through email- go to the Flickr gallery HERE and shoot us an email if interested!  First come, first served.

-alex fugazi