You MAY have noticed but we here at Nakatomi like giving you guys things.  FREE things.  The nice bit about owning a print shop is whatever crazy thing we want to make…it’s done faster than it probably should be…not giving us adequate time to think things through. Sigh.

We try to put an exclusive mini-print or handbill in w/ each order, just recently we had the test print “Sid and Nancy Reagan” and we JUST ran out of the not-advertised or even written about Blade Runner portrait ‘quick study’ set.

So, here’s a Handbill edition of ‘All My Dreams Come True’ free with every order!

Available in 3 color ways, we’ll put one in every tube going out the door while supplies last- take a look!

Each one is signed and numbered by the artist, Tim Doyle-

12×12 3 color, 3 editions-
Orange /94
Blue- /80
Green- /214

388 total!

Don’t say we never gave ya nothin!

-alex fugazi