Great Minds Think Alike.

A few weeks back, I called Omar Hauksson, and I said “I want to do a Zombie Jesus print for Easter.  Do you want to create the image?”

And Omar said- “I already have one made.”

That means this print was…destiny.

Romero 3:16 is a 16×22 silkscreen print, in a hand-numbered edition of 150, and is in hand and ready to ship in time for you to have in your undead hands in time for the most blessed of holidays- ZOMBIE JESUS DAY!  Brought to you by the Monroeville Serigraph Company of 1976!  (I heard they have a great mall in Monroeville…Google it!)

Available now in the NAKATOMI STORE!

And while you’re at it, we only have a small amount of Omar’s “Just say No to the Bollocks!” Sid and Nancy Reagan print left!

-alex fugazi

…but remember, fools seldom differ.