The time has come!

All of Nakatomi’s He-man prints from Mattel’s Under the Influence: He-Man art show are going to be available Monday morning around 4am CST in the Nakatomi Store.

For ‘Bound Before the Right Eye’ we’ll have the regular edition (pictured above), along with the Glow in the Dark (mock-up of the glow below) as well as the METAL edition (below as well.)

(Please note- this is a digital mock-up of the glow- it’s pretty close but my camera blows and I couldn’t get a clear pic of the actual thing glowing…)

The Metal edition is printed on metallic Currency Paper, and is suitable for shaving in, or signaling passing aircraft.

The regular and glow edition are by Doyle and Derington, signed by both artists, and are 12×24.  The metallic one is signed by Doyle!

We only have 17 of the glow and 24 of the metallic available at the time of writing!

And, don’t forget-

The He-Man: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly set of 2 prints (for a mere $50!) are up as well.  Both 19×20 prints are signed and numbered by Doyle.  We only have 40 of these sets available.

All these prints are in hand for immediate shipment, and will be for sale on Nakatomi Inc come Monday morning!