I’ve been wanting to scream that out for a while.

I’ve been following Craig’s work since he first showed up on the Space-Ghost hosted ‘What a Toon’ which featured the debut of the first PowerPuff Girls short, as well as Craig wearing a scuba mask and flippers while winning the fashion portion of the contest.  (Don’t ask.)

So when he agreed to be a part of this season of the  Invitational, I realized that I am in fact dead, and this dream I’m living is merely the wild fantasies of dying synapses- the ramblings of consciousness freed from the physical demands of matter.

But until that rollercoaster is over and done with, I bring you Craig’s Invitational release- ‘Milton Glaser v. Magma Taishi’ and it’s paired t-shirt!  This is Craig’s tribute to the great Osamu Tezuka character Magma Taishi (known as Goldar in the states) done in the style of designer Milton Glaser’s ‘Dylan’ print!

So, with the intersection of PowerPuff Girls, Astro Boy’s creator, and Bob Dylan, I’d say this might be too much insanity for one print.  Be warned, your walls might explode in a candy colored rainbow of marshmallows once you tack this baby up.

“Milton Glaser v. Magma Taishi”   is an 18×24 4 color print with a clear varnish overlay- limited to 100 copies or one month, whichever comes first!

The t-shirt is a 100% ringspun cotton tee, with custom tags and METALLIC GOLD INK!

How cool is that?

And while we’re at it- how about my all time favorite musician doing a song for one of my all time favorite Cartoons?  Frank Black from the ‘Heroes and Villains’ PowerPuff Girls concept album!

The prints and shirts are available RIGHT NOW in the Invitational section of the Nakatomi Store!

Townsville is saved.

-alex fugazi