In the year 2000, Tina Turner’s Superbowl Halftime show will end with her ascending to the right hand of God to judge the living.

Jon Smith, a longtime friend of the site finally has his first release! This hilarious and timely silkscreen print is a send-up of the 1968 Esquire magazine cover featuring another beset-upon celebrity, Muhammad Ali-

Now if we had to bet on a fight between the two now, I’d have to give it to COCO- he’s got the reach, if not the stamina.

Best part about this print?  Look at the arrow feathers-

Poor Conan- suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous mis-fortune at the hands of an employer he’s been good to for the better part of TWO DECADES.

Stay strong, COCO.

This 18×24 screenprint is numbered in an edition of 125.

Show your support and pick one up, AVAILABLE NOW in the Art Prints section of the Nakatomi Store.

-alex fugazi