All artists who participated in the Lost art project at couldn’t speak about the project until today.  (SOME of us, me included, couldn’t keep our traps shut 100% of the time, but what can ya do…)

So, in response to all the emails, YES, we do have 50 copies of our print here at the Nakatomi HQ.  And YES, we will be selling them.

And, to make ’em extra special, Tim Doyle is going to do a Mr. Cluck doodle on the bottom corner of each one (’cause, you know, we love you guys and stuff.) This 5 color, glow in the dark, signed and numbered, with varnish ‘numbers’ overlay print is ready to fly it’s way to you.

BUT- we will only be selling 40, and we will first offer them to our MAILING LIST only.  The demand for these guys is strong, and we’re trying to keep a disaster of GoMerch sized proportions from happening when everyone crashes into our server trying to get these.

So, if you want ’em, get on the mailing list.  Sometime in the next week, we’ll send out an email to everyone on the list with payment instructions.  We will only respond to the first 40 emails.  Those emails will get about an hour to get back to us with payment, and then we’ll move down the line.

It’s a little clunky, but we want to avoid refunds and broken hearts.

So, step one- GET ON THE MAILING LIST.  If you’re already there, great.

Further instructions to follow.


alex fugazi