So, when we were printing these, we thought- hey, a line-art version would be cool.  And so, we said, well- let’s print ’em and save ’em for Flatstock- the yearly poster convention held here in Austin during SXSW.  And then, the Color and Glow in the Dark edition of this thing sold out in 24 hours, and all the emails came rolling in, asking for a re-print or if we had any extras.  So we sold the Scratch and Dent ones we had laying around.  But no, you still wanted more.  MORE!

So here is the Line-art version of this print.  After this, we have NONE of these prints left laying around.

Signed and Numbered by Doyle in an edition of 40, each print has a little hand-drawn doodle of an origami unicorn head in the corner border!

Come and get ’em HERE.

-alex fugazi, Waste Management: Tyrell Corp.