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The 5 new Jacob Borshard prints that debuted at the East Austin Studio Tour are now available!

Creebobby Money, Series #1

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Featuring T-Rex Lincoln, Cakes, Ukes and Undies.’

Jacob Borshard has just finished up this very limited issue of ‘Series #1 Creebobby Money’, featuring everybody’s favorite five dollar Cretaceous Orator, Preserver of the Pangean Union and author of the Lactation Proclamation, the Great Pest from the Midwest, ‘T-Rex Lincoln’ himself!  Also featured are irresistible ‘One Dollar Cakes’, harmonious ‘Ten Dollar Ukes’ and indulgent ‘Twenty Dollar Undies’.  The four bills come in a matched set of four 8″ by 10″ artist-pulled signed and numbered screen-prints featuring iridescent money ink and creamy cream money paper.  Rich indeed.  Backed by Platy-platinum stashed in the Creebobby vaults, these notes are certain to perform well, especially when compared to the too-heavy metal Robot Yen and oft-troubled Vampire Euro.  Only twenty full sets of all four were produced, limited by the naughty-chic only-twenty-in-the-world exclusive undies.

Set of four: $30 , o r you could get the T-Rex Lincoln by himself for $10

‘Jet-Pack Snow-Pea’

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Also just printed, this brand new Creebobby Comics print features ‘Snow-Pea the Dog’ escaping the fence once and for all!  This two-color artist-pulled signed and numbered limited edition of 30 measures 12″ by 12″ and fits right into a standard LP Record frame, all for $15.

All prints are signed and numbered AND printed by Jacob, for sale in the brand new Jacob Borshard section of the Nakatomi store!

-alex fugazi