Can’t clown, eat will sleep me.

BW preview- The Sea Also Rises: Incident 6- The King of Crabs Claims His Throne

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“The Sea Also Rises: Incident 6- the King of Crabs Claims His Throne” by Tim Doyle.

Now, why oh why is Tim Doyle just freaking cranking these things out, forgoing food and sleep?  Well, in about 6 weeks, he’s expecting his first baby, and PROBABLY won’t be getting much drawing done for a while.  So, we’re stockpiling the art now, as THE SPICE MUST FLOW.

This is the follow up print to the NOW SOLD OUT “Sea Also Rises: Incident 19- the 14th St. Station Squid” by Doyle and EDIT- SOME GUY WE WON’T NAME ANYMORE.

The Sea Also Rises: Incident 19- 14th St. Station Squid

‘Crab King’ will not only be available soon on this site (probably before the last 3 previews you’ve seen here!) but it will also soon be the cover to an issue of The Austin Chronicle!  That issue SHOULD have a screen printing article in it from W.A. Brenner!  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, mailing list…whatever…just don’t miss this release!

-alex fugazi

ps- in case you were wondering, that El Camino rolling away from the Crab King is the SAME El Camino as featured in the ‘Camino Cats’ print that will be out soon as well.  It’s almost like we’re telling a story or something here!