I’m a science nerd.  Since leaving formalized education, my thirst for knowledge and understanding has increased geometrically.  Kinda makes you wonder what the hell was wrong with Public Education that made me COMPLETELY uninterested in science in school.  (Possible answer- the problem might have been me.) But- no-one makes the beauty and wonder of science come alive more than Carl Sagan.  And nothing makes Carl Sagan come alive more than an ethereal piano melody and some slick auto-tuning-

Holy crap that gives me chills.  When I was a kid, I really wanted to be an astronaut. And then I realized that almost every Astronaut was an Airforce pilot, and I had glasses, so that ruled that out, and then I got fat, and once you realize it costs about a GRAND per ounce to shoot weight into space, that was bad as well.  So honestly, this art thing—it’s plan B.  Plan A was Mars.  Sorry.

OH! And if you want more of his royal Sagan-ness, head on over to Hulu, where they have the whole series streaming for free!

-alex fugazi