Washington Times Film Critic, Sonny Bunch, profiled us in today’s issue of the paper!  You can buy the paper at this thing called a NEWSSTAND, and apparently, it’s printed on ACTUAL paper.  Weird!

Or, you can read it HERE.

The article is called-

Nerd Art: Affordable prices lure incorrigible dorks

Man…GEEZ!  If you look at that image of the Paper above, and look REAL closely, you’ll see the date is June 29th, 1989!  That’s less than a week after Burton’s BATMAN came out-  I bet that paper was full of all kinds of awesome print ads and reviews for the movie.  Geez, at the moment that paper was on the stands, I was probably running around the back yard trying to climb trees with my Toy Biz Batman Grapple Gun.  Man, Batman was like the most important news of the day, I’d imagine.  Nothing more pressing or headline grabbing than that.  BATMAN.

Hey, who’s he calling a dork?

-alex fugazi