So, Peter Sciretta over at SlashFilm sent me this yesterday-

not your purse

He’s in Toronto at the TIFF film festival, and saw this at a T-shirt shop.  Now, I’m not the hardest guy in the world to track down.  If you want to make shirts with our art on it, you could at least give me an email. Considering every other shirt on that rack is either a straight rip, or a pale imitation of a T-shirt Hell design,  I guess we’re in good company.

Although, I’m probably the last guy in the world to complain about people ripping off t-shirt designs- before starting Nakatomi, it was my job to make unlicensed shirts from movie/tv properties for a similar store.  I guess it’s karma.  We’re not going to pursue it, but damn guys…you could at least send me a t-shirt.

That’s my purse!  I don’t know you!

-alex fugazi