Invit2 preview

The Nakatomi Invitational Season 2 is now available!  The line up we’ve got this time around is just out of control-

Guy Burwell– Poster Legend

Jeff Kleinsmith– Sub-Pop Records art director/ Poster guy

Craig McCracken– Creator of the Powerpuff Girls

Spacesick– artist/designer of the future/past

Nick Derington– Lead Animator ‘A Scanner, Darkly’

Jim Mahfood– Indie Comic Book Rabble-rouser

Jay Ryan – God

This time around, we gave each artist the general theme of ‘Robots’.  All the art is in, and you all are in for some great surprises over the next few months!

There will be only 10 subscriptions sold.

When you purchase a Subscription, you will get-

-The Nakatomi Invitational shirt and poster package once a month for the next 8 months.
– A ‘Mystery Tube’ during the run that will include 4 prints and a shirt (that you don’t already have!)
‘The Vaults of Nakatomi’– if Nakatomi releases a print, and it sells out, and you miss out- just email and we’ll sell you one. We always keep 10 prints back in the vault, and we’re giving you the keys.

The subscriptions are for ALL 8 posters and shirt sets for the same price as last year’s 6 print set- $300.

And this time around, all prints and shirts are limited to JUST 100 copies each.  This Invitational Season, we have our own print shop, and ALL ART is in hand and ready to print, so the wait for your tube will be significantly reduced.

Thank you Nakatomi Peoples!

-alex fugazi