twin peaks

Black Cat Bones in Puebla, Mexico is shaping up to be a really cool coffee shop/ art space.  In their first month they put up an art show of B-movie screenprint posters made up almost exclusively of prints that I art directed during my employment at LOCAL MOVIE THEATER  (you are very welcome, Black Cat Bones!) and for October they’re doing a 20th anniversary tribute to my favorite TV show- Twin Peaks.  Artists from all over the world are contributing, and ‘En Los Arboles (In the Trees)’ is ours!

Measuring 12×24 this 4 color print is limited to 100 copies worldwide, and is signed by the artist.  We’re sending a bunch down to the gallery in Mexico, but if you’re not in that part of the hemisphere, you can pick one up right now in the ART PRINTS section of the Nakatomi store!

For those of you who haven’t experienced the BEST SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION, check this out-  (and, read along w/ the Spanish subtitles, ’cause that’s where we got the title of this piece!)

Yeah, that was broadcast TV in the late 80’s.  Now it’s all reality show snooze fests and police procedurals.  (At least I’ve got my Mad Men!)

The guy singing that song was REALLY singing that song.  His name is Jimmy Scott, and he’s an interesting story by himself.  Check out his WIKI to learn what Kallmann’s syndrome syndrome can do for your musical career.

All of this is ancillary to the print, but hey…it’s  a big weird world out there- go get some damn fine coffee and damn fine pie.

-Tim Doyle