What did we spend all last week cooking up in the Nakatomi Print Labs?

in the studio

14 screens

9 colors

2 warriors

2 ponies

and only 40 available-


In what was definitely the most intensive print session I’ve ever been a part of, ‘Clans of the Great Pony Rebellion: Clan Blossom and Clan Cotton Candy’ are now birthed into the world.

Each SEVEN color print measures 18×25 and has hand-finishing detail and is signed and numbered by the artist, Jacob Borshard who brought us last month’s TIMES TABLE print.

Part of his 80’s Ukiyo-e art series, this is the first in that set to get the silkscreen treatment, with the rest to follow soon!

The detail on this set is just stunning- take a look at this pic of the actual print-

Cotton Candy Detail

The color overlays, the mezzotint halftone patterns, this is just the start of what we’re getting into here at Nakatomi Print Labs!

Go to our Flickr set to see crazy big detail shots of the printing and prints!

These prints are available individually or as a set in the ART PRINTS section of the Nakatomi store.

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-alex fugazi