Kevin Tong is literally a pair of cat’s pajamas.

A few weeks ago, between projects, Doyle started drawing the first in a new series depicting the unconsidered awesome results of Global Warming called “The Sea Also Rises”.  And when faced with the Herculean task of coloring and separating the print, Kevin Tong stepped up, out of the darkness, and let his stunning color sense wash over the line art like a technicolor tide made from newly melted icebergs.  From Kevin’s site, TragicSunshine, come these very informative process pics! (And seriously, go there and check out Kevin’s great work…he’s a real wiz with the art stuff!)

From Tragic Sunshine-

“Below, I have included a step by step process that details each hour I spent on it. I used Adobe Photoshop to color in Tim’s scanned artwork. Tim will be printing it at his studio in Austin.

“The Sea Also Rises: the Subway Squid” Will be available sometime next week!  Subscribe to the mailing list or RSS this blog to be let in on the exact date!

– alex fugazi