As you may already know, my favorite sidekick (next to Aqualad) passed yesterday.

Ed Mcahon- 1923-2009.

Ed was more man than you or me will ever be. He was a six time decorated Marine test pilot Colonel in WW2 AND Korea, the host of ‘Star Search’ (American Idol owes Ed BIG-TIME), helped Jerry Lewis raise about 2 BILLION dollars for MS research, and even spent an afternoon alone in with Marilyn Monroe in her trailer on the set of ‘How to Marry a Millionaire.’ His ancestor may or may not have invented Mayonnaise. And on top of that he was…you know…that drunk guy sitting next to Johnny Carson for 30 years.

I don’t know if it’s the box wine I’m finally finishing from last month’s Doyle wedding, but this has got me a little choked up. Ed was like Santa Claus for me…always there, but never in my reality…a glowing TV presence, there every night, be it agreeing w/ Johnny, or trying to sell me an investment in gold…Ed was a constant in broadcasting for half a century, and I’ll miss him. So raise a glass of Box-Merlot and shout a ‘Here’s Johnny’ to the darkness for ‘ol Ed.

Like many milestones in my life, my feelings can be best summed up by Weird Al Yankovic- I have no idea what’s going on w/ the video here, but the song is eternal-

– Alex Fugazi