As Chief Technology Officer at Nakatomi, Inc, this is why I love Nakatomi customers and visitors to this site:

google analytix for nakatomiinc

No other sites I work on have such high rates of good browser use. In fact I’ve never worked on a web site whose user base is more than 50% Firefox. In addition, the 20% or so of Chrome / Safari / Opera users is totally awesome. Internet Explorer is a web browser that should die. Die. Die. Die. As a web developer, it makes my life hell because 1) they don’t follow web standards used by most all other browsers and 2) they have the majority of the browser market and can do whatever they want, so we developers still have to program for it.

Internet Explorer 8 is MUCH better than anything they’ve done so far (IE6 was/still is an abomination). But check out this this amazing page on the Microsoft web site. Microsoft claims that Firefox doesn’t feature “security” or “privacy”, which is obviously untrue. The new IE8 Developer Tools are a major improvement, but it still has about a tenth of the ease-of-use of Firebug. I don’t understand what “Manageability” even means in the context of a web browser. The funniest post on slashdot about this referring to their quote: “Internet Explorer 8 catches almost twice as much malware than the competition.” — that’s “catches” as in “catching” an STD.

Amazing. Sorry to dork out on you.

Biafrah Winfrey