If  you were already a member of the mailing list, you’d have already had a shot at this one (Hint, Hint) but now it’s here for the rest of us!


‘Full of Grace’ is the follow up to Tim Doyle’s sold out ‘Take the Cannoli’ print from last year.  Available in a paper and wood edition, this print won’t hang around for long.  Nakatomi will only have 30 of the paper edition for sale, and 15 of the wood.  Both prints measure 12×36, have 4 colors, a split fountain, and are signed and numbered by the artist.  Best of all, they’re ready for immediate shipment!


Printed by D and L screenprinting!  Head over to the Art Prints section of the store to pick one up!  And while you’re at it…Join the Mailing List!

-alex fugazi