OOOhhhhh…man.  I got the art for this set months back, and have been dying to share it with the world.  This has been a hard wait, but now I get to broadcast to the planet the unstoppable drooling, freak-show gallery that is Jon V’s ‘The Brood’!


This 5 color silkscreen print measures 18×24, and is only for sale for the month of May!  Jon’s done work for just about EVERYONE cool in the world, and we’re proud to have him ply his goopy trade here!

By the way- have you all checked out Jon’s video for Animal Collective?

Yikes…got us a genuine rock star working here…

Back to the poster- this amazing print of course has a paired t-shirt available separately or together in a set-


And Jon’s print also is available in a super-awesome, 3-D version, of which we’ll only have 30 copies of available!


What makes this 3-D, you ask?  Especially crafted in the patented ‘Chroma-Depth’ process, each one of these prints come with a pair of ‘Chroma-Depth’ Glasses, which will have the heads Literally FLYING AT YOUR FACE!  With the Chroma-Depth, cool colors recede, and Warm colors POP, so be prepared to dodge spittle!

Jon’s poster and t-shirt are available ONLY from May 4th through June 1st, in the NAKATOMI INVITATIONAL.

Don’t miss it, or the BROOD will come…for you.

-alex fugazi