Hello Nakatomi world!

There’s just a few days left for Mark Todd’s Invitational entry, so if you’ve been sitting around, contemplating whether you’d like to be awesome for the rest of your life or not…now’s the time to decide.  Be awesome and pick up the poster or shirt…or be relegated to a life sans-awesomeness.

Mark’s completely amazing entry into the “Tiny Showcase” print series was an instant sell out, as this kid is definitely going places.  (Well, he’s not a kid, and he’s definitely already been several places, but you catch my drift.)

This killer t-shirt / poster combo celebrating everyone’s favorite ‘Imaginauts’, the FF, will come down for sale permanently on May 4th, when we put up the new set by Jon Vermilyea.  Wanna sneak peek at that one?


Go pick ’em up in the STORE, and make sure to tell your friends that you’ve decided on a life-time of AWESOMENESS.

-alex fugazi