Man, I’ve been waiting months to use this image for Easter and almost forgot…it’s not a new one, but a goodie-


Courtesy of THE INTERNET.

But the fine thing is that  ‘googling’  “Ghostbusters Jesus” shows that this has spurng into a little meme we can all take part in-


Now that’s uh…amazing.  Although, I think I like the more graphic nature of the 1st piece.  And of course there’s the much easier GB/JC mash-up-


Now, I wasn’t even going to put this one in here, but I have to give props to the creator (uh…artist, not THE creator) for the holes in the hands.  Nice touch.  Although…why does he look like a blow-up doll?


In any event, today is a very special day for the whole world.  It’s the day before all that great Easter Candy goes on clearance.  Go get you some!

-alex fugazi