Mark Todd’s scheduled Nakatomi Invitational drops this Wednesday, April the 1st!  (no fooling.)



This t-shirt and art print combo are only available for the month of April, and after that, it’s gone for good!  The print is an 18×24 3-color silkscreen (one being a transparent glossy varnish layer), individually numbered.  The t-shirt is available in women’s and unisex (mens) sizing.

For those of you who DON’T know, Mark Todd is an illustrating powerhouse, who’s done work for everyone from Coca-Cola to Fantagraphics Books.  His amazing outsider-art Marvel Comics cover-remixes are truly a joy to behold to this old M.M.M.S. member.  (That stands for Merry Marvel Marching Society, ‘natch!)  Take a gander at this killer Iron Man piece-


You can see more of Mark’s uncanny portfolio over at his site HERE.  And while you’re there, check out that Fantastic Four guitar he designed!  GAAAH!!!  That’s too freaking great!

Scoot on over to the INVITATIONAL page on Wednesday and get in line for the greatness.

And there is still a couple of more days to pick up Jermaine Rogers’  Invitational entry before it is sent to the Vaults!

-alex fugazi