Man, that burns my retinas with happy.

For those of you who’ve been patiently waiting for the first 3 Invitational sets to ship, WAIT NO MORE!  The Slater and Munoz posters and shirts came in over the weekend (I sprung for Saturday shipping, because I love you all).  I got Todd Slater and Kevin Munoz to sign and number the prints, and they’ve been packed and are out the door. (PS- Todd Slater’s studio is an insane room full of Star Wars and Flat Files.  So, so jealous.)

We did also get the Danger shirts, but are still waiting for delivery of the Letterpress prints.  Letterpress is a different process than silkscreening- in that requires the burning of metal plates.  That’s pretty freaking awesome.  So- if your order included a Daniel Danger print, don’t worry, it’s still coming.  Obviously, this all took a little bit longer than expected, but we’ve taken steps to speed up the process, and the T. Stout orders should start hitting the mail next week.  All the delayed orders got a little something special tucked inside that I hope will make you all extra-happy!

We still have a little bit to go on Jermaine Rogers’ entry in to the series, so if you’re waiting on that one…get on it!

End of Line!

-alex fugazi