The day has finally come!

Jermaine Rogers’ entry into the Nakatomi Invitational dropped today-


“Rabbit Fighter” is based on the cover of the classic 70’s glam rock epic album “Electric Warrior” by T-Rex.   “Rabbit Fighter” is an 18×24 screenprint, for sale ONLY from March 2nd through March 31st!

There is also a Glow In The Dark variant limited to just 30 copies.  At the time of this writing, there are still a few copies left.  (Like, 5…)

Jermaine Rogers is one of the GIANTS in the poster industry, and we here at Nakatomi are thrilled to have him aboard!  (And when I say Giant, he’s like that endocrine mutant Chinese basketball player…like, 8 ft tall.  He scares small children, and shops for pants in a parallel dimension where gravity is a weaker element, and everyone grows taller.  For real.)

-alex fugazi