by Biafrah Winfrey


Don’t leave me. Please, baby. After all we been through? You know how much I love you. Can we at least still be Facebook friends?

Sir Hugs-A-Lot

PS: This is potentially really lame, but we started a Nakatomi “Fan Page” on Facebook. Will you PLEASE be our friend over on Facebook? We have like no friends so far and it looks really sad (granted it’s only be up for about a half hour). Search for “Nakatomi, Inc”!

PPS: The main added value of becoming our Facebook friend is that you can view The Vaults of Nakatomi, wherein we catalog and track our out-of-print editions, including the editions sizes, artist names, and print dates. We will be moving The Vaults to a real section of this web site in the next few weeks, but for now Facebook Photos is pretty kick butt.

PPPS: We would love to see some Nakatomi Merchandise in action! If you feel up to it, document your Nakatomi Wear or Poster being used. Then upload it to the Fan Photos application on Facebook. Some Ideas:

— Put a Nakatomi t-shirt on each of the showroom dummies in your living room… photograph them watching Grey’s Anatomy. Draw little tears rolling down their cheeks.
— Photograph your awesome teen punk / emo / whatever they call it / etc. band rocking out in the garage with a valuable limited edition poster print tacked to the wall behind them.
— Finally, will you please for the love of God video tape your grandma complaining about the modern world in a Video Werewolf t-shirt?