Okay, so it’s easily the most viewed video on YouTube this week, but I’m constantly amazed at what I think is permeating the public consciousness is actually known only to a small portion of the populance.  For example, please note my completely misunderstood ‘Peanut Butter Jelly Time‘ dance a few years back at a friend’s party…it was much funnier in my head, and of course saying ‘it’s a youtube thing’ doesn’t excuse stupid behavior.

BUT– I digress.

This is David.  David got high as a freaking kite on painkillers at the dentist.  And little David has no previous experience with narcotics.  Best part comes at the one minute mark.

That kid has a bright future ahead.

Tangent time- when my brother was a kid, he was on the playground at recess, and he had the bright idea to run UP the wide metal slide there.  On the way up, his well worn Keds failed to get traction, and down he went, face first into the metal.  He hit, impossibly, TEETH FIRST, and murdered his two front top teeth.  Cracked those fuckers in half.  So, he did the natural thing, and picked ’em up, and went bleeding and crying on his way to the teacher.  On the way there he was stopped by one of his playmates, and seeing that my brother had precious cargo in his little hand, he slapped my bro’s hand, causing the teeth fragments to go flying into the loose gravel that the playground was built upon.  Needle in a haystack time.  I’m assuming those teeth are still there, 20 years later.  He got caps, and there wasn’t any real need for him to have those pieces of his teeth, but damn…kids are freaking awful.

Happy day!

-alex fugazi

Is this real life?