Shepard Fairey is a ‘bit’ of a controversial figure in the art world.  If you’ve been living in Austin for the last 10 years like I have, you couldn’t have helped NOT seeing his OBEY and GIANT poster campaigns rip through the downtown area years ago.

Fairey being the master of the ‘underground’ poster campaign made him a natural choice for the Obama campaign when it came to picking an artist to tap for their central imagery-


Well, it seems that all the recent notoriety that Shepard has received (Deservedly so, that’s one badass poster) has re-opened some old wounds in people who still remember having to tear down his OBEY and GIANT posters in their ‘Keep Boston Beautiful’ Anti-Graffiti efforts.

On the way into one of his recent art openings in Boston, Shepard was arrested for what I’m assuming was some years-old postering.  Yikes.

Read the story here-

And while you’re at it, feel free to watch that video that is linked there.  And realize Shepard is 38.  And he looks a decade younger.  Think there’s something in the wheat paste?


-alex fugazi