So, this isn’t exactly NEW, but…Robocop on a Unicorn is the best thing since Bill Cosby beat that midget to death.  For real.  Olav Rokne is the genius behind the “Robocop on a Unicorn” museum over on Flickr.

A few months back, he and a friend were joking around about what the most ridiculous thing they could think of, and ‘Robocop on a Unicorn’ was born.  Add in the incredibly Democratic level playing-field of ideas known as ‘the interwebs’ and a new meme was born.  For better or worse, this is the way of the future, people.  Any idea can grab a toehold into the public consciousness, and the next thing you know- instant fad.  Some fads, like pet rocks and Habeas Corpus disappear after a time, but I fully believe Robocop on a Unicron will see us through these dark economic times ahead, and will bring us into a bright and utopian future- free of serial-killing Cyborg cult leaders who run on NUKE!

This print was previously only available through a personal Myspace account, but now that we have this shiny new website…

With less than 20 copies left out of an original signed and numbered edition 40, this print is ready for immediate shipment.

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-alex fugazi

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