Hello everyone! We’ve been getting a few emails from people wondering ‘Where’s my first-round Invitational t-shirt and or poster?’

Also- ‘What’s the deal with your face?’

Well, in reply to the first question- Don’t worry my friend, they are coming.  It might not have been ABUNDANTLY clear, but all Nakatomi Invitational t-shirts and posters are ONLY available for that ONE month in which they are offered.  After that ONE month is up, they will be gone forever from this site, no longer for sale.  The first round of Poster/ Shirt combos went up for sale on JANUARY 14th, and will come down on midnight CST on FEBRUARY 14th.  Once the sale is closed, we will print, pack, and ship those orders within 2 weeks of the close of sale.

We won’t print the shirts or posters BEFORE the end of the sale, as we don’t want to accidentally order SHORT and end up with a bunch of sad faces out there in Nakatomi land.  So yes, excellence like this takes some time, but rest assured, you’ll have a super-rare limited edition collectable print and t-shirt to make all your friends sad in their faces.  (With the jealousy.)

Now, that also means that as of this writing, there are only 8 DAYS LEFT to order up Daniel Danger’s, Todd Slater’s, and Kevin Munoz’ print/shirt sets.  So tell all your friends, blog it out to the web, and help spread the Nakatomi Gospel.

Thanks all!

-alex fugazi