Jermaine Rogers just laid this beauty on us today.  HMMmmmm.  Bunnies.

Jermaine Rogers is a LEGEND in the rock-poster art crowd, having done work for bands like Radiohead, Tool, and Weezer, Jermaine has been moving more and more into politically charged  fine-art and design, producing pieces for KidRobot and the like.

Jermaine’s entry into the Nakatomi Invitational, “Rabbit Fighter” will drop on Monday March 2nd as an art print and a t-shirt.  Based on one of Jermaine’s favorite album covers, by one of his favorite bands, T-Rex’s Electric Warrior, this 18×24 art print has metallic inks on black paper- printed by D and L.

I know it’s a long month (well…Feb is the shortest month) between then and now, and Jermaine’s pieces have a tendency to sell out at break-neck pace, so if you want to reserve your copy of “Rabbit Fighter” for SURE- we do have the Subsciptions available that includes Tyler Stout’s wood variant, that is ONLY sent out to subscribers.  (There are only a total of 30 subscriptions available).

Check out Jermaine’s amazing site HERE.  (Don’t be scared of the spooky intro music.)