Okay, okay…if you’re not following the BEST SHOW ON FREE CABLE, Battlestar Galactica, it’s too late now. Do what I probably SHOULD have done, wait until the whole frakking thing is over with, and just buy that monster of a box set when it comes out. It’ll probably have some amazing package treatment that will make all us early-adopters insanely jealous of our lesser standard cardboard packaging. I bet it comes in a model of the Galactica…With a lock of Grace Park’s hair.

Hmmm…Grace Park.

Wow…I totally lost track there.  Yeah- so…if you haven’t jumped on the BSG bandwagon yet, just wait 9 months and watch it all in one Frak-filled week.  Because if you’ve been watching it like me, one episode at a time for years now (first on Sci-Fi and now on the amazing interweb via HULU), you’re in complete agony.

So, I’ve been biding my time on the theories front, keeping quiet council with myself…but I think I’m ready to throw my hat into the ring on what I think the big mystery behind this all is.

Okay- ready?


The current BSG is a sequel show to the original show.

No shit.  That’s what I’m saying.  And in a few months when this is all said and done, I’m either going to look like a freaking psychic, or a complete idiot.

Think about it for a second- (the theory, not if I’m a complete idiot)- When the Humans and Rebel Cylons finally did find Earth- what was waiting for them?  A nuked planet, full of skeletons and Cylon Centurion remains.  And not Centurions from the ‘current’ run…these looked more than a little like the classic ones.

There’s been one particular ‘prophecy’ throughout the show, uttered by the hybrids and some humans alike- ‘This has happened before and this will happen again.”

My guess is that Humans created the Cylons.  They rebelled.  They go off and create their own form of ‘human’ in the 12 Cylon models.  Those humans go off and through the passage of time, lose their ‘origins’ and start thinking they’re human again.  They create Cylons.  The Cylons rebel.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

So, wild speculation time- Battlestar Galactica (’79) happened.  Galactica 80 happened.  Sometime after the original show wrapped, the Cylons nuked the planet.  This current series is an extension of that cycle.


Now, I’m aware there’s some holes here- in the original show, the Cylons were the inventions of a reptillian race, and they rebelled against their lizard-masters, and went on to bedevil the humans.  But what if that reptillian race-thing is now a red herring?


And to top it off, that COULD completely explain Starbuck’s ressurection.  In the original show, Apollo  was brought back to life by a mysterious glowing white ship known as ‘The Ship of Lights.”


And if I’m not mistaken (and a little Googling proved me right) Starbuck herself painted a Ship of Lights like object on the walls of her cabin.  Hmm?  HMMM?

Now, would this break the ‘reality’ of what the current show has built over the last 4 years?  Well…yes.  But if handled with the careful touch of the current BSG creative team…it could be amazing, all the while pleasing those pesky “Original BSG is the ONLY BSG” jerkwads at the same time.

But that’s my theory…Let’s hear what you guys think.  And let’s say whoever is first to be ACTUALLY on the money at the season’s end will get a VERY special gift straight from Nakatomi.  Enter by replying below!  (when you register on the blog, I’ll get your contact info to send you your prize.)  But if it’s me that’s right, than you’ll just have to send me presents.  And Grace Park’s hair.

MMmmmMMM…Grace Park.

-alex fugazi

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